Effective Local Government Staff Management Information System


Recruitment Interface

Recruitment Interface (Local Government Service Commission / Local Government Administration Unit).

Online Profiling

Online filing/profiling of all Local Government Staff (Local Government Service Commission / Local Government Administration Unit)

Record Management

Online management of records of services (Local Government Administration Unit)

Promotion Management

Online management of promotion (Local Government Administration Unit)

Remuneration and Staff Benefits

OOnline management of remuneration and Staff benefits (Local Government Administration Unit + Finance )

Pensions / Retiree Management

Online management of retirement process and benefits computation (Local Government Service Commission / Local Government Administration Unit)


Overview of The Civil Service

Since the creation of Rivers State in 1967 (53 years ago), the State has grown its Public Service to well over 40,000 Staff including staff of tertiary institutions, teachers, health care workers, judicial workers, administrators, officers and other workers at all levels.

This increase in number over the years has made the existing manual (Pen/Paper) system of Staff administration a herculean task, and has led to the decline in its efficiency in many ways.

Challenges affecting the efficiency in the administration of the Public Service

  • Organic growth of the service over the years without a growth plan.
  • Ineffective monitoring and management of the optimization service processes.
  • Ineffective and outdated processes in the management of Staff records of Service.
  • Lack of modern tools to centralize and streamline processes for effective administration.
  • Unsustainable storage of files and Staff records. Some Staff and retirees’ files are missing due to poor or outdated storage facilities/processes.


A centralized platform to view all the activities of the Local Government Staff, recruitment, remuneration to retirement.

Provide a platform to monitor and manage the records of services for all Local Government Staff.

Provide a platform that will stem irregularities that exist in the current manual system.

Provide the Local Government with accurate/real-time data for planning and decision making.

Effective management of promotion and benefits.

Reduce undue human interface in the administration of the Local Government Service.

Encourage e-governance for improved productivity.

Improve the ease of doing business to create a friendlier business and investment environment for the Local Government Area.



How do I login to my account/profile?
To log on to the portal, take the following steps:
  • Open a web browser on a computer with Internet access and type the following url: https://emolga.publicservice.riversstate.gov.ng
  • You will be taken to the home page of the civil service portal. Click on the Click to Login button at the top right hand corner of the page.
  • On the login page displayed, enter your username. Your username and Password is your Salary Bank Account Number.
  • Click on the Sign In button to log on to your profile.
  • Your login attempt however will fail as you are required to change your password on your FIRST login attempt.
  • Now enter and confirm a new password of your choice and click the Reset button to successfully complete the login process.
How do I upload a new document to my profile?
To upload a new document, take the following steps:
  • Click on the Upload Staff Document menu on the left hand side of the screen.
  • The Upload Staff Document page is displayed. Select from the displayed list of documents. For example, click "Upload Letter of First Appointment".
  • Then click "Drop or Browse pdf file to upload" to upload the relevant document. Note that all files uploaded must be in pdf format else the upload will fail.
  • Repeat until you have uploaded all mandatory documents listed.
How do I view my uploaded documents?
To view all your uploaded documents
  • click on the My Documents tab on your profile page and all your uploaded documents will be displayed
  • Click each one to expand and view to confirm that the correct document was uploaded.
How do I update my profile?
To update profile:
  • click on the Update Profile tab in your profile page. You will be provided with options to edit selected fields in your staff profile such as:
    • Personal Details (name, phone number, email, sex, state, LGA and hometown).
    • Grade (grade and grade step).
    • Employment Details (qualification, MDA type, MDA, department, unit and rank).
    • Bank Details (bank, BVN and account number), etc.
  • Once you are done with making necessary changes, click the "Send Change Request" button to save the changes made. After your change request has been sent, a status message will be displayed on your Update Profile tab, indicating that the relevant admins are assessing and treating your request.
  • To go back to your staff profile page, click on the Profile menu item on the left hand side of the screen.
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